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Visual Adjectives is a small press Publishing and Production Company of Authors, Cultural Curators, Educators, Artisans, and Artists of Creative Intellectual Properties.

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Visual Adjectives accept submissions directly from authors and prefer to first receive a proposal outlining your work, your target market and background information. We spent a great deal of time to be as clear as possible with what we are looking for in order to make it easy for you to submit your work. We accept electronic submissions as well as printed material.

About Us

Visual Adjectives helps authors independently publish their book by utilizing our Publishing Services to access marketing and sales tools. This creates complete customization and advantages that employ our creative team to help meet set goals.

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Visual Adjectives has worked endlessly with writers to provide high quality books. Discover your next book.

Who we are

Visual Adjectives is a full-service publisher

Including editing, proofreading, cover art, ISBN number, and digital or print format, your book will be listed with popular booksellers, along with marketing, promotion, or bookstore placement.

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