Yes, only a fan girl like myself would actually sit and wonder what it would be like to be a part of the fantastical worlds she loves reading about and seeing in movies. So please feel free to indulge in the fantasy fandom with the fantasy worlds that I would mind spending some time in!
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The Gotham City of the Michael Keaton Batman movies
Notice I was very specific! The Batman movies with Val Kilmer and George Clooney were a little too flashy for me. I like the darkness and grittiness of the first two Batman movies. Living in this kind of city would totally justify me taking up martial arts, investing in many pairs of black over the knee boots, and leather jackets. With the lines of villans and vigilante so blurred, it’s best to just fit in, right?
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Any of the Seven Kingdoms from the Game of Thrones
I just started reading the book and have watched every single flippin trailer that HBO keeps teasing us with! That alone, give me a beautiful medieval dress and an equally deadly sword, and I’ll endure the winter all year long!
Middle Earth from Lord of the Rings
Yeah, this wasn’t a big shocker but I’m very specific to my role in this one. Out of all the races I definitely want to be an elf. Arwen is one of my favorite characters from the series and if I could just take a few lessons from her (and get a pretty horse!), I’ll be good to go! Not sure how I’ll look with those ears though…
I know I have more to list but my brain is semi-fried today! So tell me what fantasy worlds can you see yourself in? Which ones would you avoid?