Ten Best Movies of 2012

I’ve been having brain hemorrhages from all of the fantastic movies that will be coming out in 2012! It seems like they are making up for 2011 which was okay when it came to blockbuster movies, the shining stars being X-Men First Class, Thor, and Immortals all released this past summer. 2012 though seems to be a whole other story, making a girl wonder if they sell year passes to the movie theaters!

Here are the ten 2012 movies that we are simply crazy about seeing.

Avengers – Each superhero had a great movie on their own (some with the help of a reboot, not naming names….) so to see them all sharing the screen is going to be crazy awesome! While we at VisAdj all have our personal favorites, we can all come together on this one.

Dark Knight Rises – Nolan. Batman. Bane. A football stadium explodes. Enough Said.

Men in Black III – We do need to take a break from all the killing, slaying, and explosions (at least for a day anyway) and have some comedy in our lives. Is it me, or does it seem like these agents haven’t aged a bit?? Craziness….

Snow White and the Huntsman – Though Kristen Stewart isn’t my first choice for Snow White, Chris Hemsworth with all of his sexiness helps me see past that. Besides, Charlize looks pretty badass!

Brave – Yes, a Pixar movie I can jump on board with (Cars was not my fav.) A feisty red head princess who goes against all of the preconceived notions of what a princess should be?? All of feminists, stand up!

Expendables 2 – Whoever thought of putting every badass action hero into one film has answered an action girl’s prayers. I don’t need a storyline or drama – just make sure each of them have equal butt kicking time and I’m a happy!!

G.I Joe Retaliation – Disclaimer: I was completely disappointed with the first one, so with that said, this second installment looks hell of promising. While the last one had more comedy than action, this one seems to take a more serious, action hero approach, which is what G.I Joe is all about. They definitely gave it the Hulk treatment!

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey – I know I raved about this one recently but I’ll just say again, this already looks like it’s going to be another notch of awesomeness on Peter Jackson’s belt. (Still looking for the lyrics to that song by the way!)

Wrath of the Titans – This one made the list because the special effects look sick and I know I’m a sucker for Greek Mythology. I’m hoping this will make me forget the Clash of the Titans debacle and make me a fan. Plus I have better feelings about this movie than I did for Immortals (and I thought that movie was going to suck. Instead it was crazy awesome!!)

Hunger Games – I heard so much buzz around this YA trilogy and how great it is. Though I’m not much of a YA reader ( I have a low tolerance for teenage romantic drama), I saw the trailer for it and I was sucked in by the cool storyline. I even have the book on my Amazon wish list! 😉

What say you? What movies are you dying to see in the year?

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