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Color Your World: Green

COLOR YOUR WORLD is a series of threads to provide lists of synonyms for different colors. All too often, writers resort to using the same word for a color repeatedly in their writing, leading to a sometimes boring redundancy which can lend itself to making the story uninteresting at worst, ho-hum at best. This thread […]

Research Resources: Lycanthropy

It seems that much of today’s entertainment features either zombies, vampires or werewolves. In doing a little digging, we discovered that Lycanthropy is an actual disorder with a medical diagnosis as well as documented cases. Since we aim to assist writers and aspiring writers in their endeavors, we thought we would share some resources with […]

The Elite Forces Division-First Factor

Born of a military seed, grown in the soil of a superheros heart, this novel bears as its fruit a team of heroes not quite like any other. Struggles and self doubts, civil war of the soul and the irresistible siren call of DUTY all come together to remake this team into something that was […]

Story Call for submissions for a Sci-Fi Anthology

Story Call for a Sci-Fi Anthology Build a ‘Verse of the highest thoughts, where everything and nothing is as it ought: Tech and science, alien and ‘bot, of these you must create the lot. Advanced civilizations, barbarically new, built from minds of brilliance true. Create Starships and crews to explore worlds old and new; this […]

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